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The Rules And Regulations
« on: July 26, 2017, 07:41:36 PM »
7 Days till Show time!. You have seven days from the time you register and submit an application to post a character development role play letting us know that you are ready to be booked. This is more than a reasonable period of time to get something up. The only exception is in the event we know you are a reliable role player from past experiences with you. Accounts that have been registered without an application being submitted may be deleted after seven days and a single warning/reminder.

Don’t waste our time. If you can’t immediately role play here don’t bother registering or submitting an app. The last thing we need is someone signing up and then going on a leave of absence immediately afterward. Sign up when and if you are able to begin role playing.

Limit 3 role playing entities per person.. Simply put you may portray up to three characters that role play, and may divide them anyway you wish. This rule is in effect to level the playing field a bit and prevent a single person from playing half the roster.

CAW’s Only.
Pretty cut and dry you may only portray characters you created yourself and/or that you have permission to use. Its pretty much common sense but we ask that you refrain from resurrecting characters that have previously been killed off in other feds. Accusations of character theft (using a character without permission) will be investigated and if found guilty you’ll be terminated and possibly banned.

Pic Bases Are First Come First Serve. Pic bases of the same person (including variations of that person) may be used no more than twice. If you see two people are already using that base pick someone else.

One Forum Account Per Handler.
In accordance with The Commune’s policy we only permit you to use a single forum account. Match role plays-promotions will be threaded and character development stuff can be marked to indicate what character (s) it is for. So really if you think about it having multiple accounts is fairly needless and creates a lot more work.

The Classic 30 day title rule is in effect.
Champions must defend their titles at least once every 30 days many titles must be defended on a more frequent basis. Failure to defend the title will result in your being stripped of it and the title being declared vacant.

Title Opportunities must be earned. So work hard, build respect and work your way up the ladder. Don’t demand title shots as soon as you walk in the door or think that past successes equal opportunities in The AWL. Everyone starts fresh here with a clean slate. It may be a while before you get an opportunity at the big gold, so be patient your shot will come sooner rather than later if you follow our advice.

Championships Will Be Added Or Subtracted As Needed. We will not likely have more than three-four championships at a given time unless it becomes absolutely necessary due to roster size and expansion. Titles may likewise be deactivated if there aren’t enough people to compete and create a decent division for them with the exception of The AWL World Championship that one is here to stay and is guaranteed.

All Championships Will Be Open Weight And Equal Opportunity.
We don’t plan on creating special weight class or gender specific championships. Meaning wrestlers vying for championships will compete against people of various sizes and all different genders. Women will compete with men and super heavyweights will compete with light heavyweights it’s just the way it’ll be here. We feel being a champion has more to do with a person’s talent, ability and heart as opposed to their size or gender. If a person has what it takes, they have what it takes and they’ll find a way to win regardless.

Don’t complain about losing a match or start Occ wars. We work very hard to determine the winners of matches. This is strictly a role play based fed so the best role players will always win. But sometimes judging who was better and how is difficult when things are close. If you have an issue with one of our decisions contact a staff member in private and we will be more than happy to break things down for you. Ignoring this rule once too often will result in termination and perhaps banning from The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL).

Flaming and Spamming Not tolerated nor will they ever be. Do not flame other members on the basis of age, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or any other reason. Violation will result in immediate release from The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) regardless of who you are. This is supposed to be a game where everyone who wishes to partake is able to do so without being bullied, harassed or made to find the game less enjoyable. Good natured ribbing is acceptable. Spamming of any kind whether it be knowingly posting inappropriate material or trying to solicit members will not be tolerated here.

Go easy on new members. We will likely have people within a wide range of skill and experience levels here in The AWL. We ask that more experienced members take it easy on people with less experience and help them out whenever possible. Everyone was new at one time or another. We are not telling you to lay down for them and allow them to beat you role play wise. But rather than telling someone “you suck and are the worst role player I’ve ever seen” offer them some constructive criticism on how to improve.

Please let me win! Begging us to let you win will more often than not result in an automatic loss. If you want to win or feel you need to win out role play your opponent its as simple as that.

All Role Plays counting toward matches must be at least 20 lines in length. They may greatly exceed 20 lines but 20 lines is the least that we require. Any less than 20 lines will not be counted.

The Max Number Of Role Plays Will Vary Between 1-3 Depending On The Match And The Event It’s Being Held On.
Standard matches will typically have a max limit of between 1 and 3 where as  main event and championship matches will have a guaranteed max limit of 3. You do not have to reach the max limit but cannot exceed it and expect to still have role plays counted.

Arrest-able Offenses In Role Plays Should Be Canon At Least Somewhat-
If your character rapes-murders-tortures someone on camera or off (which you are free to do provided its not someone else’s character without their permission.) there should be ramifications for it like investigations, arrests and so on-so forth. Basically they shouldn’t be able to do whatever and walk away scott free as though it didn’t happen. There are exceptions with dream scenarios. This rule is merely a suggestion but its pretty dumb in our view to have people committing crimes that they’d be arrested for in reality and then going about their lives as though it didn’t happen.

You Get What You Give.
Your role play performance will often be reflected in the results. If you put up a good effort but come up a bit short so to will your character, if you dominate your character will dominate, if you no show your character will put up a weak effort or get squashed. You basically get the idea we give what we get and you get what you give.

Mature Themes And Graphic Violence Will Be Explored From Time To Time. The product we put out is far from PG or even PG 13 it’s R rated at least and sometimes beyond that. Just giving you a heads up you’ll be seeing things far more graphic than you likely would in WWE or TNA.

Quality will always beat Quantity.
1 Superb role play does indeed have the power to defeat 2-3 mediocre/crappy role plays. However there is an opposite side to this as in some cases someone may do 2-3 really good/great role plays and beat out 1 fantastic role play.

Be yourself. Simple enough, don’t use characters controlled by other handlers in your role plays without permission. Also don’t recycle role plays from the past whether they be your own or someone else’s.

These Rules Are Subject To Revisions And Changes At Any Time, For Any Reason And With Our Without Notice So Be Sure To View Them Regularly.

In closing welcome to The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) and have fun!
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Forum Rules
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2017, 07:42:14 PM »
Forum Rules:

Keep IC & OOC Separate – The rule itself is very simple, keep IC and OOC separately. Do not bring your IC attitudes into the OOC board and do not take OOC board convos into the RP board, this will result in automatic deletion of your post, a warning from me. A second violation will mean you being deleted from the fed and boards.

Be Mature or Get Out - Harsh as it may sound that’s my attitude on the forum. This is a community, where people can come and hang out, don’t get into random fights on the boards or go and flame others, its just not tolerated. Being goofy and acting like an immature jackass are two different things, if you are of the latter, then leave and don’t waste my time.

Sigs & Avatars – Sigs should not exceed 350 pixels in height, or 650 pixels in length, PERIOD. No exceptions for this rule. Avatars are to be no larger than 100 x 100 pixels.

Common Courtesy - Be courteous to one another, yeah I know it sounds like Kindergarten but believe me this rule NEEDS to be here. Seriously though, just be fairly nice. Cussing, I could care less about and things of that nature don’t bug me but this relates to one another, show courtesy to your fellow superstars.

No Racial Remarks – Racism will not be tolerated in my fed. You could be The AWL World Champion but if I there are racist remarks on the board, the result will be immediate deletion from the boards, stripped of your title and any awards you’ve been given, and banning from The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL). If you are racist, go somewhere else, this is not the place for you.

Feel Free To Rp – If you have nothing to do, feel free to rp, we could always use some more character development rp’s even if you don’t have a match. But be mindful of the max role play limits for matches.

RP Length - I mentioned this above but I’ll go into more detail here, all rp’s posted must be at least 20 lines in length. That’s really not a lot if you think about it,. This includes roleplays placed in the C/D forum

RP Authenticity – I DO NOT tolerate plagiarism in any way shape or form. I can make exceptions if it is say a quote or something, but do not copy something you found or read somewhere else word for word because chances are, I’m gonna find out one way or another. Breaking this rule comes with one of the stiffer penalties around The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL).

The Dewey Rule- If you are under the age of 18, please remember that the majority of AWL role players are mature adults and we do not look fondly on childish behavior. If you want to stay on solid ground in our eyes, please act more mature for your age. We were all goofy kids and are now just goofy adults, but we do take pride in our fed and do not wish to have it blackened by someone who thinks whining about things when your idea isn’t used or constantly no showing is ok.  The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) has suffered many losses and much drama, but we still stand proud take pride in our fed and we’ll take pride in you.

The Deal Rule- The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) has a max rp limit usually between 1 and 3 that varies from match to match, however, you can work out a deal with your opponent to leave it at a certain amount of roleplays, this deal is between you and your opponent and MUST BE respected by both sides, by agreeing to a deal, you’re agreeing to leave the contest in an X amount of rp’s (Could be lower or higher than The AWL's standards, in case it’s higher, notify the staff about it). The roleplays size are irrelevant as long as the number of roleplays is met. In case the deal is broken by anyone of the sides, send the proper evidence (Screenshots preferably , PM’s with quotes work out too) to the staff and we’ll be on the case. What happens if someone breaks the deal, aka, agrees on a 1 rp limit and still posts a second or third? Said person will be warned and the extra rp won’t be counted. If someone repeats this action too often, more drastic measurements shall be taken.
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