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Frequently Asked Questions
« on: July 26, 2017, 07:38:29 PM »
What Is It?

The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) is a role play based, original character only fantasy wrestling promotion. Fictionally, The AWL is a primarily ultra violent  professional wrestling organization  headquartered in Trenton, NJ, with offices in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Port Huron, MI, Philadelphia, PA, New York City  And Mexico City, Mexico. The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) typically holds shows ranging from small to large throughout  its bases of operations and surrounding areas with plans for expansion. Although mainly based in North America, and mostly a producer of a hardcore wrestling product, The AWL manages to attract talent from all over the world who excel in a wide range of different styles. The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) was founded in The Summer of 2017  by its principal owner  and founder  Jon Tees, someone who has operated in the professional wrestling industry in various capacities for the better part of the last 17 years. Now semi retired from competing and managing and no longer touring as often as he used to, Tees  has a lot more time to devote to running his own wrestling organization. Tees for reasons known only to himself has become more and more reclusive in recent years. In spite of the fact that he is the principal owner and founder, he is rarely if ever seen and often uses authority figureheads to serve as the on air “face of AWL Management.”


The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) operates on a bi-weekly basis hosting its flagship program Tuesday Night Brutality every other Tuesday Evening. It also hosts Pay Per Views-Super Shows and Specials on some occasions monthly-bi-monthly and on rarer occasions at least one of each of these throughout  a month. For example, in the case of a major Pay Per View there may be a lead up special event ala a Saturday Night’s Main Event back in the day, the Pay Per View itself will be held followed a short time later by a Pay Per View Fallout Special. This will be spaced out throughout the month (when and if it does happen) as opposed to one of these events immediately following the other.


The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) is unlikely to ever have more than 3-4 championships at a given time unless it becomes absolutely necessary and even this may be a stretch. Likewise inactive titles may be deactivated if there aren’t enough people to compete for them. The currently planned-announced championships are as follows; The AWL World Championship-The premier singles championship contested among the absolute best, The North American Championship- Our second highest ranked singles championship contested throughout the mid card-lower main event, The Brutality Championship- Our version of a Television Meets Ultra Violence Championship, it exist at its own tier and  is defended at some level at literally every AWL event. It will be contested among a large gamut of people who don’t currently hold The AWL World or North American Championships,The Chaos Theory Championships- Our premier and currently our only tag team championship contested among the very best tag teams in a multitude of randomly selected match types with varying stipulations.

There are no count outs, disqualifications or draws in any AWL matches and matches can end by pinfall, submission, knock out or in rare cases ref stoppages and decisions. The only way matches will not have a conclusive winner is if both parties are somehow unable to continue.

How It Works

You take either an original character you created yourself and/or have permission to use and you role play writing a series of promos, segments and skits. The person who out role plays their opponents will win and when angles do come into play they will benefit this person. Over time people work their way up to earn championship opportunities and title reigns.

We exists solely for the purposes of competition and entertainment we make no money off of this website nor do we seek to exploit anyone else’s copyrights. This incarnation of The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) is the creation of Jon Tees and has no connection or affiliation with any other real or fictional promotion with a similar name-initials.
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