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Frequently Asked Questions
« on: November 22, 2016, 05:51:52 PM »
What Is It?

The Commune is a multi-purpose community comprised of people from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds. The community itself features a wide variety of topics and categories providing a “something for everyone” kind of approach. The Commune was created in The Fall Of 2016, by people who know how to build winning communities, but who often go unappreciated and mistreated when they aren’t “desperately needed”. These people more or less decided to go into business for themselves and created a community where everyone would be welcomed, valued and treated equally all of the time.

What Is The Commune's Mission Statement?

To provide a fun and laid back community where people from various backgrounds can engage in civil discussions and debates without fear of being “run out of town” because they have an opinion someone else and their friends disagree with.

Will Past Indiscretions Be Held Against Someone Here?

Everyone will come in with a clean slate meaning, if it didn’t happen here then as far as we are concerned it didn’t happen. However, if it does happen here it will be dealt with accordingly and fools will not be suffered for very long.

Will There Be Onsite Leagues-Games-Tournaments?

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