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The Rules And Regulations
« on: November 22, 2016, 05:53:19 PM »
A Few Simple And To The Point Rules

1. One User Account Per Person- Seriously there is no rhyme nor reason to have more than one account as display names can easily be changed. If caught, we will delete your newest account once, maybe twice, but if it keeps happening you’ll be either suspended for x amount of time or banned indefinitely.

2. Do Not Bully, Flame, Harass Or Impersonate Any Member-Mod-Admin-
The Commune was created to be a fun, laid back kind of place where people can come and shoot the breeze and engage in discussions and debates. Good natured ribbing is acceptable, but attempting to make someone else’s experience here a profoundly negative one is not.

3. Everyone Is Seen As Equal Here No Matter Who They Are Or How Long They’ve Been Here- Regardless of whether you have been here for one day or since day one we will not tolerate any shit from you. Likewise, you should not expect us to automatically take your side in a dispute with another member simply because you’ve “been here longer.” We will handle issues between members in just and fair manners not based on some kind of perceived seniority.

4. Everyone Comes In With A Clean Slate- Issues that transpired between you and someone else in another community should remain there. This is a new day and a new community so lets leave the past in the past and try and get along shall we?

5. Post And Advertise Only In The Appropriate Sections- There are designated sections for various topics, please use these sections to create and engage in existing discussions regarding these topics in the correct forums. There are also sections for discussions about topics that do not have their own forums. In short, we do not want to see you advertising anywhere other than in the advertising sections and don’t want to see you discussing sports in Random Discussions when we have an entire category devoted to sports.

6.  Do Not Send Unsolicited Advertisements- If someone is not specifically seeking something you are offering, do not PM , E-mail or Instant Message them offers relating to something they likely aren’t looking for.

7. Mods Are To Be Respected, But Abuses Of Power Should Be Reported- Treat the moderators with respect, but if you feel someone is abusing their power, present the proper proof to an admin and we’ll look into it.

8. Sigs & Avatars – Sigs should not exceed 350 pixels in height, or 650 pixels in length, PERIOD. No exceptions for this rule. Avatars are to be no larger than 100 x 100 pixels. You may advertise in your sig and/or post a link to your homepage but are to refrain from posting blatant advertisements outside of the designated advertising sections.

9. Racism Will Not Be Tolerated- This is a privately owned community and racist remarks are grounds for immediately and likely permanent banning, regardless of who you are or how long you’ve been here and even what you’ve done. You could have single handedly helped us grow from a small community into a huge community with hundreds or thousands of members and this will not be taken into consideration should you make racist comments.

10. All Onsite Leagues-Games Must Be In Compliance With These Rules.

Welcome To The Commune And Have Fun!
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